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How we created an AI location shoot for Morglas

Client Overview
Morglas, a renowned clothing brand with a passion for style and quality, had established a strong presence in the fashion industry. However, like many e-commerce businesses, they faced the challenge of improving their online store’s conversion rates and enhancing the overall customer shopping experience.

The Challenge
Morglas reached out to our team with a specific goal in mind – to revamp their e-commerce shop and boost conversion rates. They recognized that the visual appeal of their product shots was a critical factor in attracting and retaining customers. Traditional photoshoots were both time-consuming and costly, limiting their ability to update their inventory frequently. Morglas needed a solution that would allow them to showcase their products in a way that was not only cost-effective but also visually stunning.

The Solution
Our team stepped in to transform Morglas’ e-commerce game. We leveraged our advanced AI technology and customized algorithms to generate captivating product shots that truly reflected Morglas’ brand identity. By employing state-of-the-art AI image generators and editors, we breathed life into Morglas’ clothing collection. This innovative approach allowed us to create a dynamic, ever-evolving visual inventory, eliminating the need for frequent and costly traditional photoshoots.


AI-Powered Image Generation: We utilized our AI image generator to create stunning, lifelike product shots for Morglas’ clothing line. This not only saved time but also ensured consistent, high-quality visuals.

Customisation: Our team tailored the AI algorithms to match Morglas’ unique style and brand aesthetics, ensuring that each image resonated with their target audience.

Quality Control: With our skilled team of digital artists overseeing the process, we maintained a strict quality control process, guaranteeing that every image met the highest standards of excellence.

Results: The impact of our AI-powered transformation was immediately evident. Morglas experienced a significant improvement in their e-commerce store’s conversion rates. Customers were not only drawn to the stunning visuals but were also more confident in their purchasing decisions due to the consistency and accuracy of the product shots.

Key Outcomes

Increased Conversion Rates: Morglas saw a notable uptick in conversion rates, leading to higher sales and revenue.

Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for frequent traditional photoshoots, Morglas achieved substantial cost savings, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.

Enhanced Brand Image: The consistent, high-quality visuals reinforced Morglas’ brand image as a fashion leader, boosting customer trust and loyalty.

Streamlined Inventory Updates: With AI-generated product shots, Morglas could update their inventory rapidly, keeping their collection fresh and appealing to customers.


Through the power of our AI technology, we successfully transformed Morglas’ e-commerce shop, improving conversion rates, reducing costs, and elevating their brand image. This case study demonstrates how AI-driven solutions can revolutionize the online shopping experience, making it more visually captivating, cost-efficient, and customer-centric. Morglas continues to thrive in the fashion industry, setting a new standard for online clothing retail.

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