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Mute stems The stems you want to mute when generating the track. You can specify up to 3 stems you want to mute. “bc” to mute the backing
“bs” to mute the bass
“dr” to mute the drums
“me” to mute the melody
Some useful use cases:
  • Mute the melody and the backing if you have someone talking over the music. You will be able to understand what they say more clearly
  • Mute the melody if you want to have your users add their vocals to make tracks


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Your Title :
My intelligence isn’t Artificial
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; genres Hip Hopmoods Happy; themes Drama; length 30; file_format m4a
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Your Title :
Don’t Make ‘em Like Me
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; genres Hip Hopmoods Funny & Weird; themes Comedy; length 30; file_format m4a; tempo normal
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